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Challenging the Challenging Behaviours
A Sourcebook based on the SpeciaLink Institute on Challenging Behaviours in Child Care.

Edited with Commentary by Sharon Hope Irwin.
Nova Scotia: Breton Books. ISBN 1-895415-33-0.

This is a book for including the children we miss: the "wild kid," "the aggravating kid," the child whose behaviour frustrates us. These are the children with challenging behaviours that, in turn, challenge the committed child care worker to the core. A recent study by SpeciaLink indicates that over 85% of staff in child care centres now consider "challenging behaviours" to be their most difficult inclusion issue. These children ARE the next frontier of child care inclusion.

Challenging the Challenging Behaviours is aimed at child care practitioners, consultants, trainers and policymakers, as well as all interested parents who care about full inclusion of children with challenging behaviours - people who want to make a difference in child care centres across Canada.

Challenging the Challenging Behaviours is a sourcebook about current strategies and innovations on the front lines of Canadian child care. Built on the findings of SpeciaLink's cross-Canada Roundtable meetings and of the national SpeciaLink Institute, the examples throughout this book come from parents, researchers and practitioners.

Contributors to Challenging the Challenging Behaviours include Kate Andersen, Richard Tremblay, Linda Pagani, Lynette Chandler, Carol Dahlquist, Elisabeth Brandt, Patricia Clark, Carol Gardner, Chris Gay, Cathleen Smith, Ann Carr, Eleanor Chornoboy, Leanne Keffer, Melba Rabinowitz, Theo Lax, Abby Kleinberg-Bassel, Phillip Strain, and Mary Louise Hemmeter.

This book is constructed to continue the work of the SpeciaLink Institute on Children with Challenging Behaviours in Child Care. For instance, it includes a Networking Directory of skilled Canadian practitioners willing to informally mentor on strategies and techniques for dealing with children with challenging behaviours. It not only provides an essential Reference List and an Annotated Sources and Resources section with suggested websites, it also encourages readers to participate in expanding information and resources for the entire field by contributing their findings through SpeciaLink, the National Centre for Child Care Inclusion.

As editor Sharon Hope Irwin recently said in an interview with Canadian Press, "We knew we couldn't invite everybody in Canada to the SpeciaLink Institute on Challenging Behaviours in Child Care. We were looking for a multiplier effect, fairly confident that the people we invited would not only use what they learned at the SpeciaLink Institute, but would also promote it, spread it, and advocate for it. We were right."

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